Beverly Ross
Beverly Ross

an architect of Rock ‘N Roll

Iconic songwriter &

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Early Years

Beverly Ross was born in Brooklyn, NY and at the age of 5 moved with her family to New Jersey.  Her parents amazed at her natural musical ability, arranged for Beverly to have piano lessons.  Encouraged by early success winning poster contests and lyric writing competitions, Beverly felt determined to try her hand at professional songwriting in the Big Apple. 

Hits of a Teenage Songwriter:

Country Music success:

Betrayal & Early Retirement:

Broadway Musical:

Film, TV, Advertising

Dim Dim The Lights

(I Want Some Atmosphere)

Bill Haley & His Comets



The Chordettes


Cousin, Renee & Beverly age 3 having her first lollipop


Elvis Presley

Girl of My Best Friend


Roy Orbison

Candy Man

At the time of her graduation from high school, Dim Dim the Lights was already a top charting song.

Beverly suffered what she now refers to as a near “nervous breakdown” after co-writer, Spector stole a musical theme of Beverly’s she had shared with him & used it to write Spanish Harlem with Jerry Leiber in 1960.  

Soon after, Beverly “retired” from the NY Music Scene in the prime of her career.

The highest paid female writer at the Brill Building, Beverly opened her heart, and her home to young “starving” artists such as: Barbara Streisand and Phil Spector. 

Unfortunately, as is typical in the world of fast paced action and ambition, others didn’t always repay her kindness with loyalty.

The Hits Keep Coming:

Through the ‘60s Beverly’s songs kept popping up on the charts ...


Hayley Mills

Cranberry Bog


Tracey Dey

Teenage Cleopatra


Leslie Gore

Judy’s Turn To Cry with Edna Lewis


The Earls

Remember Then


Ral Donner

Tears of Misery


Elvis Presley

Dixieland Rock

Beverly Ross in the studio.

Beverly Ross one of the premiere architects of Rock ‘N Roll

In 1985, Beverly won a BMI top 3 award for the Mickie Gilley & Charly McClain duet of her song Candy Man, written with Fred Neil.  Shortly after, she moved to Nashville & had more country hits.

Beverly winning a BMI award in 1985 with Fred Neil for Candy Man.


Mickey Gilley &

Charly McClain

Candy Man


Lacy J. Dalton

The Loveless Cafe


Rodney Crowell

Candy Man

Over the years, Beverly has enjoyed great success having her songs placed in motion pictures & national advertising campaigns.

Dr. Pepper Television/Cinema, Clio awarded to Young & Rubicam, New York for Beverly’s commercial



Lollipop used in Stand By Me


Lollipop used in Chicken Little


Wanda Jackson

Candy Man


Lollipop used in Dell National television campaign

Forthcoming Projects:

Movie poster for Chicken Little

DVD of song selections from “City of Light”

Beverly’s hunger for Broadway was kindled while thrift shopping with then unknown actress, Barbara Streisand at theatrical second hand stores in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. 

Over the years, she has penned the musical scores to several productions including her masterpiece: City of Light, a historic fiction piece set in Paris during the Nazi occupation in 1940.

Beverly currently divides her time between her home in Nashville and her apartment in Manhattan.

Beverly Ross LLC is currently entertaining the notion of a screen treatment for Beverly’s memoirs in the slash and gore pop culture style of Quentin Tarantino (who is from Knoxville ya know).

The historical companion of “I Was the First Woman Phil Spector Killed!” is also in the works.

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