Beverly Ross
Beverly Ross

an architect of Rock ‘N Roll

Iconic songwriter &


Audio Biography

Beverly Ross:  The Lost Recordings Late ‘50s - Early ‘60s.

never before heard recordings of:

You Called Me Crybaby

Doo Dee Ooh Doop


Planet Love (Phil Spector vocals)

On Graduation Day

Heart of a Teenage Girl

Planet Mirth

Collectable box set includes: music, stickers, pics & quotes from the upcoming tell all book I Was the First Woman Phil Spector Killed!  and stories behind the songs narrated by Beverly Ross.

total audio length 57 minutes

Beverly Ross: The Lost Sessions Volume 1: Late ‘50s - Early ‘60s.

audio only recording.
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I Was the First Woman Phil Spector Killed:

An Autobiography in Essays of Beverly Ross, Brill Building Songwriter of “Lollipop” and a Premier Architect of Rock ‘n’ Roll

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