Beverly Ross
Beverly Ross

an architect of Rock ‘N Roll

Iconic songwriter &


Beverly wrote “Candy Man” with Fred Neil. (She didn’t like the harmonica on this version of the song.) Here’s a version performed on a TV show in 1965.

Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker found a lot of The King’s songs from Beverly’s publisher Hill & Range including this tune, “Dixieland Rock” written with Aaron Schroeder, which was featured in the film “King Creole.”

Fan made video of the original version of “Lollipop” written with Julius Dixson performed by Ronald Gumm and “Ruby” aka Beverly Ross.

Here’s a treat!  Unreleased live version of the Bee Gees singing Beverly’s “Lollipop”

“Tears of Misery” was recorded by Pat Hervey and released in Canada.  The song was a favorite of Beverly’s because she felt producer Chet Atkins did an outstanding job with the recording.

Tommy Leonetti’s version of Beverly & Lee Morris’s song, “Soulmates” was produced by Leiber & Stoller.

This is Beverly singing her 1960 release, “Stop Laughing At Me” released on Columbia Records.

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Beverly’s Columbia Records

recording “Headlights” from

her artist debut produced

by Mitch Miller.